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The Following
Are Available from Shawnee Press:

 (A7310) SATB  This upbeat
anthem works well for general use as well as for a Thanksgiving service. The
counter melody that occurs later in the piece adds to the exciting feel of this tune.
An accompaniment/performance CD is available through the publisher or other
music services.  Instrumental parts are also available.

Hear the studio demo for this anthem on our home page in the red sidebar at left.
(Click title) or on our Sound Cloud for "Give Thanks to the Lord" @

 (EA5168) 2-part Mixed  This lively ar-
rangement is great for youth choirs, ensembles, & church choirs, with lite trax or
rhythm section parts available from the publisher and full orchestration available
through the composer (contact Travis directly). This song has been recorded by the
"InOvation" youth choir of Nicoma Park Baptist Church in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma
for their CD entitled "Children of Light."   It was also recorded on a CD (entitled A
New Day
 ) made by the Pasadena "Songsters" Youth Choir and Orchestra (from the
Salvation Army's Pasadena, CA, Tabernacle) for their Choir trip to New Zealand. 

To hear the origianal publisher's demo recording for this song, use the following link:

Then, click on the listening icon for "Children of Light."

To hear an excellent recording of "Children of Light" with full orchestration, made 
by the Salvation Army's Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters, go to:

 (A7441) SATB   A beautiful & lyrical
anthem, using thetraditional Irish melody "Slane" ("Be Thou my Vision"), with new
lyrics and arrangement by T.Boyd, this anthem features a beautiful piano accompa-
niment with a recurring motif. 

The original studio demo recording for "Jesus, My Redeemer" can be found on our
Home Page in the red sidebar at left.  Click on the title to hear the music.  Or,
go to our Sound Cloud for "Jesus, My Redeemer" @

(A7499) SATB   A lovely new melody written by T. Boyd
serves as the setting for the traditional Doxology lyrics. The arrangement by T.
Boyd also includes a portion of thehymn, "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" and
features a descant and a full and triumphant ending.
To listen to the demo recording, click on the following link:

Or, go to our Sound Cloud for "Praise God" @

   (A7994)  This SATB uptempo
anthem is a great call to worship or anthem for youth and/or adult choirs. Lite trax
are available through the publisher (item # MD5283) You can listen to this
anthem's demo recording by clicking on the following link:

Or, go to our Sound Cloud for "Sing a Song to the Lord" @ 

  (A7903)  This SATB original anthem with lovely
melody and accompaniment features a solo and descant. You can listen to the
demo recording of "Tender Mercies" by clicking on the following link:

Or, go to our Sound Cloud for "Tender Mercies" @

 (Glory Sound division, item #D5539)
Published in an SAB arrangement with optional solo, this anthem works well for
youth or adult choir or can be sung by an ensemble.  An accompaniment/perfor-
mance CD is also available (item # MD5208).  

The demo recording for "Walking by Faith" can be heard on our Home Page.
Click the title in the red sidebar at left to hear the music.

Or, go to our Sound Cloud for "Walking by Faith" @

Use the following link to access the Shawnee Press page which
contains information about several published anthems by
Travis L. Boyd:

The following are available from Lorenz Music

   (10/3033M)  SATB  This anthem is described by
the publisher as "high energy praise."  Brass and rhythm parts are available, as is
a performance/accompaniment CD.  To hear the demo recording of this anthem,
use the following link:

Then, click on the listening icon for "All the Praise."

To view sample music pages for "All the Praise"
(all pages but the last), use this link (use back arrow to
return to website after viewing): 

  (Product # 10/3228M) 
This anthem is a declaration of faith from beginning to end and is truly a power ballad
which steadily builds in intensity.  The message contains the whole of the gospel story
and has also been used as a contemporary hymn in some settings. 
The octavo is available in SATB voicing, and the full orchestration as heard on the
demo is also available.  This anthem spent several months on the Lorenz best sellers
list and is featured on a CD and DVD, both called "Foundations," which were recorded
by over 700 musicians in a multi-group concert featuring The Singing Churchmen and
The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma and The Oklahoma Baptist Symphony.        

To hear the demo recording for "Amazing Grace! Eternal Life!", use this link:                      

To view sample music pages for "Amazing Grace, Eternal
Life"(all pages but the last), use this link (use back arrow
to return to website after viewing:

Note:  There is a song story on our blog about the
circumstances surrounding the writing of this song.

Here is the link to the "Amazing Grace! Eternal Life!"
song story:

  (10/2798M)  SATB with soloist  
This anthem features a solo throughout with beautiful harmonies in the choral back-
up. A full orchestration is available, as well as a performance/accompaniment CD.
This anthem has also been arranged in SSAA and TTBB. These additional voicings 
are available only through composer Travis Boyd and require permission from the
publisher.  "God is Faithful" has been recorded by both The Singing Churchmen
of Oklahoma and The Sons of Jubal as the title song on a CD made by each groupper-
formed by The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma as well as Women's choirs
(remaining  repertoire differs, as does the year of production). It was also  who
sang in several Australian churches in 2003 as as a part of a mission trip. It has
also appeared on solo recording projects. To hear the demo recording for this
anthem, use thefollowing link:

Then, scroll down to information about the anthem, "God is Faithful,"
and click on the listening icon.

To view sample pages (all pages but the last) for "God is
Faithful," use this link (use back arrow to return to
website after viewing):

THE GREAT I AM  (30/2021M) SSATB  This contemporary anthem
features a powerful ending, following meaningful verses and a declarative chorus.  
A score is available for praise brass and rhythm parts, and a performance/accom-
paniment CD is also available. To hear the demo recording, use the following link:

To view sample music pages for "The Great I AM"
(all pages but the last), use this link (use back arrow to
return to website after viewing):

   (10/3445M)  SATB   The syncopated
rhythms of this anthem enhance the meaning of the text while creating a lively feel
for this message of praise.  A performance/accompaniment CD is available, as are
the instrumental (brass and rhythm) parts and score.  To listen to the demo re-
cording of this anthem, use the following link:

To view sample music pages for "Magnificent Praise"
(all pages but the last), use this link (use back arrow to
return to website after viewing): 

   (CGA797)  SATB 
Published by Choristers' Guild and distributed by the Lorenz Corporation, this
anthem features a lovely new melodic setting utilizing the traditional lyrics.  The
theme is introduced by a soloist or unison section, followed by 2 and 4 part sec-
tions in which the part writing is referred to by the publishers as"warm and
accessible." The flowing piano accompaniment is supportive and beautiful.  To view
the publishers description, sample pages, cover art, and other information for this
choral anthem, use this link:

Use the following Lorenz link to go directly to the composer
page listing all Lorenz anthems and orchestrations by Travis
L. Boyd:

The following anthem is available from Church
Street Music (Lifeway), through Stanton's
Sheet Music online or Pine Lake Music online:

YOU ARE A SPRING  (#0-6330-2952-1, original Church
Street Press item #)  SATB, with optional first verse solo.  This
anthem was re-corded by The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma on their CD
entitled "The Lord is My Light."  The same CD also included another Boydbrain
anthem called,
HE TOOK UP A CROSS (which is available for purchase
on our Adult Choir website page).

Here is a link to our SoundCloud containing the publisher's
demo for "You Are a Spring"

Other Lifeway published works include the

found in the Winter 1997-98 edition of 'The Senior Musician'  Use the Lifeway
permissions link listed in the paragraph below and request copying pages 3
through 8.

LORD, YOU ARE GREAT   in the Spring 1998 edition of 'Celebrate
Choral Music" (Music by Travis Boyd, lyrics by the late, well-known lyricist, J. Paul
Williams) Upbeat SAB tune in a pull-out format has 8 pages.

SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT  in the Winter 1999-2000 edition
of 'The Senior Musician'SAB with optional solo, pages 10-13 of periodical

WONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE  in the Fall 2000 edition of 'Child-
ren's Choir' pages 12 through 14 This arrangement is mostly unison with optional
two part in last 2 measures.

THE BLOOD OF JESUS   SATB in the Summer 2003 edition of 'The
Senior Musician'  (pages 12 through 14)

MORE THAN A CROSS   in the Winter 2005-06 edition of 'Glory Songs'
SATB, pages 27 through 32

A license to reprint any of the above music (published by Lifeway) maybe obtained
by contacting Lifeway using the following link:    

Choose the the option "to use or publish music."  Then, enter all pertinent informa-
tion in order for your request to be sent to the right individual  (Name and date of
publication (Example: Summer 2003 edition of 'The Senior Musician'), Name of song,
Composer, Page numbers ( if available), and printing division if anything other than
Lifeway is specified (examples: Church Street Press or Van Ness Press, Inc.)


The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma

The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma

The Sons of Jubal

The Jubalheirs

There are photographs of all of these groups (and others)
on our facebook page ("Large Choral Groups..." album),

Other groups which have performed and recorded music written
by Travis L. Boyd include:

The Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters
The Ovation youth choir
The Farrells
The Atlanta Choral Guild.

Boydbrain music has been recorded on the following CDs:

* God is Faithful  CD by the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma
(features the T. Boyd anthem, God is Faithful, which has since been published by
the Lorenz Corporation (Monarch division) with full orchestration by T. Boyd)

The Lord is My Light CD by the Singing Churchwomen of Okla-
homa (features the T. Boyd anthems He Took Up a Cross and You Are a Spring
The latter has been published by Lifeway in their Church Street Press division.)

Foundations CD & DVD by the Singing Churchmen and Church-
women of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony
[features the T. Boyd anthem Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!, which was a bestselling
anthem for the Lorenz Corporation (Monarch division) The T. Boyd orchestration is
played by the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony, and the recording features over 700

* God is Faithful
CD by the Sons of Jubal
(features the T. Boyd anthem God is Faithful)

* New Every Morning
CD by the Jubalheirs
(features the Boydbrain anthem Much More Than a Song

* A New Day CD by the Pasadena Tablernacle Songsters.
(features the T. Boyd anthem Children of Light and is the only recording of the
complete orchestration commissioned for this recording and available only through
Shawnee Press)  This CD is still available for purchase.  Use this link:  http://www.
  Scroll down to "New Day" (yellow cover) in the list
of previous recordings.  "Children of Light" is song #12 on this CD.

"Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!" CD by The Farrells (of the Tom
Farrell Evangelistic Association)This CD is still available for
purchase.  Hear a portion of their recording of "Amazing Grace,
Eternal Life!" using the link below:

(Choose "Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!" , song #2 in the drop
down menu)